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Equipment Repair

We can supply a number of different service packages to our customers as follows:

Preventative Maintenance

We provide preventative maintenance services to check equipment on a regular agreed timescale. This minimises downtime caused by machine break down and allows for the pro-active monitoring and repair of equipment before any major failure.

All maintenance is carried out at a convenient time so production loses are minimised. This approach allows for fixed budgeting, and avoids the possible very high costs of key infrastructure failing.

Corrective Maintenance 

We repair the machine/computer/server etc when it fails so that the equipment, machine or system can be restored to an operational condition within the tolerances or limits established for in-service operations. 

Combined Maintenance

Many businesses run a mixture of both preventative maintenance on key infrastructure e.g. servers or main production line machinery, and then corrective maintenance on the lower priority equipment, whose loss would not impact the whole of the business.


We can repair  a diverse range of equipment, from computer servers and peripherals to industrial robots and electrostatic paint baths. We can often save data lost by hardware failure, then repair the equipment using equivalent replacements.