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About Us

CubeRoot offers a broad range of services related to the installation, use and repair of modern high technology equipment.

The aims of the company are to help ease the introduction of new technology and the integration of that technology for our customers. We will only deliver high quality solutions with market leading equipment from major manufacturers. We do not do cheap equipment as it is unlikely to provide ongoing reliability and be cost effective.

The company personnel are very highly qualified engineers who are capable of understanding the technologies on offer from manufacturers and hence the strengths and weaknesses of any proposed solution. We therefore can deliver a robust solution to our clients which will deliver a credible story over the life of the equipment.

The technologies we supply are well proven and well documented so a new client can be sure their investment will deliver the service they expect. We as a company will instal, commission, test and support the equipment for as long as the client requires us to.

All our engineers once on site will be courteous, discreet, and always meet the customers needs, and when we leave the workspace will be clean and tidy

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