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Analysis of the production processes in an independent adhesive tape manufacturer, found that certain operatives were regularly able to operate machines with greater efficiency.

Cuberoot demonstrated how Netcommander could monitor the machines so that best practises could be transferred to other operatives. 


Cuberoot first analysed the processes used by those employees able to run the machine with greater efficiency. The monitoring was to be based on Cuberoot’s Netcommander product with a custom graphical display that showed the entire process, compete with the running parameters and limits.

A range of existing and additional sensors were used to transpond the process information back to Netcommander and then to the operative. 


By having all the process information close at hand and in the form of a graphical display, all operatives are now able to attain the higher efficiencies and lower gas usage.

This lowered gas usage has resulted in an annual saving of £50,000 for the company.

The work undertaken by Cuberoot was paid for by this savings and efficiency increases in less than two months of operation.  

Customer Benefits

  • Higher process efficiencies

  • Staff able to understand the process, no longer a black art

  • Considerable savings from reduced gas usage





IT Integration


In 2004 we upgraded a client to a server network based on Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003. The combination of Dell based hardware and Microsoft software has proven to be exceptionally reliable.

However, to provide day to day support for the companies operations past 2020, a new IT system was commissioned.


Cuberoot proposed a Microsoft’s Server 2012 based solution. This muti-server solution, running on Dell hardware, supports all the companies requirements. A single server running Hyper-V hosts the customer database, Sage, domain and user services.

An additional Dell server provides a portal for customer services such as job and accounts status. A server room was also specified and built with significant input from Cuberoot to limit the costs of the project overall.


The previous system provided many benefits to the company in its day to day operations.

The new system has done the same, but has now extended these same services to its mobile engineers and customers, by providing up to date project information and support for engineers.

Service support levels and quality have gone up, customer satisfaction up and complaints down.

Customer Benefits

  • Remote/Mobile working for engineers

  • Customers access to job details and status

  • Improved web services highlighting new services to existing customer base

  • Up to date systems to support company past 2020.




Our client was asked by a blue chip client to upgrade the security camera system on the front of their distribution centre as part a redevelopment of the building.

The existing camera set-up, comprised of multiple static cameras with under slung IR illumination, had grown organically and gave the building front a cluttered and overly secure look.


Cuberoot proposed the Samsung SCP-2370RH high speed professional PTZ cameras with 37x optical zoom and built-in IR illumination. Two cameras were used for the front of the building and were coupled to a number of GJD Elite PIR’s.

The PIR’s were configured to provide protection to predefined zones along the front of the building. In the event of detection the cameras were programmed to move autonomously to that point or zone day or night.


This approach ensured that the building did not take on the appearance of a security installation and the new camera system complements the modern look to the front elevation.

The cameras actively track all visitors passing through the zones, giving the same coverage as the six original cameras. 

With no conventional blind spots or auto pan to dodge, this intelligent system is a serious deterrent. 

Customer Benefits

  • Allows for Remote/Mobile Viewing

  • Theft & Vandalism Deterrence

  • Building & Property Protection

  • Remote & Mobile Surveillance